Birdies Bread Co.

Bread making is one of, if not the oldest forms of cooked food. There is something so beautiful and comforting about it. Birdies Bread Co. is a locally owned and operated bakery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia focusing on naturally-leavened breads, made with locally grown grains.

We have been working with Birdies Bread Co. from the ground up, establishing their brand identity through logo design, photography and video content creation.

Working with New Brooklyn Media was a real joy. Creating our Logo seemed like a seriously intimidating task, but they made it feel so easy. They were able to take my abstract ideas, and really fine tune them into what became the perfect logo for our business.

Jess Best
Jess Best
Owner – Birdies Bread Co.


191 Temperance St. New Glasgow, NS B2H 3B2